Exterior Projects Portfolio Page


Arbors hold a particular fascination for me, possibly because arbors were the first and most common projects I've had that made use of extensive traditional joinery.  Each one is unique, and I love the curves and angles, with so much opportunity for hand carved elements and subtle accents.  They are visually stunning and evocative, yet can merge with the background to create an impression for any yard or garden.  Arbors epitomize my passion for blending the practical and the aesthetic.

Fences and Gates

I have built more fences than any other type of exterior project.  Everything from basic dog-eared panel fences to classic low picket fences to high-end custom lattice fences.  Fences define a boundary of a yard, like a frame for a painting, and they can run from utilitarian to accenting.  If the yard is the painting, then the gate is the veil that can be pulled back to reveal the masterpiece inside.  Yard, fence, and gate become a complete artistic representation of the home's environment.  I love building artistic gates: they are the first thing that a person sees or touches as they enter a yard, a portal to another world, the first impression that will color everything else they see.  Gates are also the most utilized part of the fence, and must be built to withstand years of abuse.  They are a perfect blend of form and function.

Rails and Other

I love building outdoor structures, especially those that have a distinct purpose.  In this portfolio you will see various handrails, benches, chicken coops, and other beautiful and useful projects.