Cloudnine Woodcraft Portfolio Projects

Exterior Projects

I love building exterior structures. In the elements, one discovers that wood remains active and alive, changing with humidity and temperature and the seasons. I appreciate these challenges, and have learned to work with them to create beautiful structures that will endure, using traditional wood joinery techniques from past centuries and many cultures.

Interior Projects

The possibilities for artistry are endless with interior woodwork.  Here you will see a collection of interior projects I have built over the years that range from purely aesthetic to beautifully functional.


My dream for my business is to be building Traditional Style Gypsy Wagons exclusively.  These projects blend the aesthetic and the practical in amazingly creative ways.  They are inspiring to behold and hearken to a time of romantic ideal.  This portfolio showcases several projects I've undertaken toward that goal.


This portfolio is a catch-all for inspired projects that don't easily fit into the other categories.