About Me

The Cloudnine Vision

My singular goal in life is to Inspire and be inspired.  Everybody has dreams and goals, and every time I can inspire somebody to believe it is possible, I am living true to that purpose.  Inspiration in a self-perpetuating idea: to be in the presence of inspiration is to feel empowered.  

This Purpose guides me through a constant striving for Mastery in my many impassioned pursuits, including and most notably woodworking.  I seek out new and different projects to test and improve my skills.  I challenge myself to accept projects that are slightly outside of my comfort zone.  Generally, I start with a Dream and figure out how to bring it to Reality, disregarding the voice that says it can't be done.

When I work on a project with a customer, I make sure that we connect on an inspiration level before I take the job.  I consider every customer project a team effort: You supply the Dream, I make it a Reality.  I will happily share my own dreams and personal projects, as well as past collaborations.  And when we are finished, it is a success when both of us feel a sense of pride in a job well done.   

Be Inspired!
Be Inspired!

 The Backstory

I first got my contractor's license in early 2006.  At the time I was taking handyman projects: fix-its, repairs; painting, drywall work; some fences, door and window install, and trim installation.  I took any job that came my way, and I learned a lot those first few years.  I learned how to run a business, how to be accountable to a customer (and myself) and of course, what it takes to be a contractor in Oregon.  I learned job skills, always exploring new techniques and bringing my passion for learning to every jobsite.  

In 2011 I joined a local BNI chapter, Ashland Business Connections.  During my 5 years with ABC I learned more about how to operate my business effectively, how to talk about and market my business, how to network, and most importantly how to discern what parts of my business I enjoy from those I don't.  I got so many referrals from BNI, eventually I started saying No to certain types of jobs (concrete and roofing work, insulation, cleaning), and asking more specifically for others.  Eventually I found myself specializing in my favorite types of work, which all included wood working.  As I became further specialized, I started focusing more on the artistry in woodworking, and coined one of my company taglines: blending the Practical and the Aesthetic.  

You will notice many references throughout my website to such terms: Inspiration; Dreams to Reality; Form and Function; Practical and Aesthetic; Creativity; Mastery.  These are keywords for my business, for my practice, and for my life. 

 Who Am I?

Jeffrey Behrends


Jeffrey Behrends is the owner and (currently) sole member of Cloudnine Woodcraft, LLC.  A life-long Rennaissance man, he has gained many notable skills during his pursuit of Mastery.  In addition to his current wood-working practice, he is also an accomplished musician, a Kung Fu instructor, a manipulator of flying objects (juggler) for over 25 years, a fire manipulator (eating/breathing fire, fire spinning/dancing, etc), a hobby farmer and avid outdoorsman.  

He lives outside of Ashland, OR with his lovely partner Ingrid, on a small farm with chickens, goats, and rabbits; also three cats and two snakes.  

 Thank you!